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I've been thinking about using this blog to just write stuff down that I wouldnt normally include in the other one, as I think not everyone wants to read my drivel on life, but some might. So I guess this a place to let your hair down, enlighten the rest of bloggy world with previous unknown intelligenta, or just show some pretty pictures ! Whatever.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee without milk is crap

Do you ever wake up and wonder what am I going to do today that's interesting? Yup I thought so. I sat in front of the puter and looked at the blog posts, yup, ok now then...
Looking at fat lazy dog asleep at my feet, hmm should get some exercise, dog opened an eye as if to say what? who you calling fat??  So off we went to find some, wait, let me eat that left over butter chicken in the fridge first, surprisingly there was some in there, she's psychic I just know it.
She will do anything for food, except roll over, there's a limit to the subservient behaviour you know, unlike the two legged versions. Actually they do diddly squat. The girl whined about having to clean up her pit of a room, so that the floor could actually be seen and to stop the confusion of clean and dirty clothes all ending up being washed together because you are too lazy to put them away or in the laundry hamper, again. Rolls eyes and stomps off, slams door which falls off hinge. Again. Oh parenting is such a joy at times. The boy at least  offers to do some chores around the house, but that's just a scam, he takes the money first and then is miraculously busy for the next 10 years. So I come back after slogging it around our hood, and up the hill of hell, put on the coffee machine, and .. %((*((&(&(@@!!! there's no milk.
 For *^%& sake how hard is it to notice that as you pour the last of it in your 10th cup of milo.. Arrrgh.
Have a great day and dont forget the milk.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ikea in real life

This is a train in Kobe that was decked out by Ikea, cool !

If all trains were like this we would travel on them all the time!

this bedroom, yup like it

These pots are a great for junk, I need some more, pots, not junk!

 I could deck my whole house in their stuff, how about you?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Used by...

Hello and welcome, you all know the person below I'm sure, but did you know...

 I recently heard on telly that when Al Capone was a boy at school they used to get milk supplied as did many children in those times, but it was often sour. Much later when he had a lot of money he donated a million dollars for children to receive milk but he insisted the milk had a date to be used by. And so apparently this is how we now have used by dates on all foodstuffs, so I guess that's something positive he did in his life, but its small in comparison to all the rotten stuff he was responsible for.
What do you think?