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I've been thinking about using this blog to just write stuff down that I wouldnt normally include in the other one, as I think not everyone wants to read my drivel on life, but some might. So I guess this a place to let your hair down, enlighten the rest of bloggy world with previous unknown intelligenta, or just show some pretty pictures ! Whatever.

Friday, November 22, 2013

When i grow up..

I want to be happy. Thats it in a nutshell really. The rest is just niceties, you know the fancy car, house, clothes. Tick.  After all the hard work I have come to the conclusion i just could have lived in a shed, a neat one with a clean floor not a humpy :)
My kids are great, although need encouragement to clean up now and then but otherwise are good. My son has aspirations to be a hotshot economist / lawyer, i hope he doesnt get lost in the material world and forget the simple things are what is important. He has a kind soul so maybe he will fight for the less fortunate. My girl is creative and also a kind caring person, she has just finished school and is hoping to do something with media. She is over 6" and so pretty she should be in the media !!
Whatever they end up doing i just hope it makes them happy.

What makes me happy..
My kids of course, usually !
The dog is a gorgeous ball of furry love, leaving her fur all over the floor just how much she loves us :)
Vaccuum cleaner, see above.
Travelling, without stress, the last 2 trips with my husband was not  happy a lot of the time, unnecessarily and a shame, selfish idiot, made me feel like crap most of the trip.
I travelled to Europe with my girl and we had a great time, no stress, just fun.
A garden to putter around in without it being overwhelming.
Sitting in the shade on a warm summer day with a cool drink, enjoying the view, insert picture looking from Sorrento to Naples :)) i will do it for you ;)

So next year I am going to do more travel with my kids and enjoy the simple things :0
How about you ?

Monday, March 25, 2013

ok so I am joining the bloglovin following, so you can all find me there too !
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

perfect harmony

I am in the process of renovation around our pool as the old concrete was cracking and looking a bit worse for wear, so currently we have piles of mud due to the continual rain since we decided to undertake this work ! Anyway in the process we looked at magazines and websites, and it seems a lot of us are seeking perfection in our lives, which is not always such a great thing, nothing is perfect.  Since the fifties we have been inundated with images of the perfect suburban home all neat and tidy, and the perfect well groomed families smiling! It is so not like this in our real world ! 
Some of our greatest and intelligent minds have been only occupied with the developments to improve our standard of living,  we would not be here if not for  Jenner and Sir Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison, Howard Florey and Alexander Fleming, I doubt any of them lived in a perfect home.
So why do some of think a perfect home is the most important thing in the world ? Is it because we can control this and provide ourselves with a sense of order and calm ? If everything else is going to pot at least our home can be our sanctuary. I think that must be it.
I really admire how people devote their lives to improving the lives of others. It takes a lot of selflessness to put others first, taking care of the needy and less fortunate.
With that all said, I will be glad to see our surrounds fixed, but I will think carefully before undertaking any other major projects, because at the end of the day it really doesnt matter what your house looks like, its the people inside that count.

Have a great week !