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I've been thinking about using this blog to just write stuff down that I wouldnt normally include in the other one, as I think not everyone wants to read my drivel on life, but some might. So I guess this a place to let your hair down, enlighten the rest of bloggy world with previous unknown intelligenta, or just show some pretty pictures ! Whatever.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Used by...

Hello and welcome, you all know the person below I'm sure, but did you know...

 I recently heard on telly that when Al Capone was a boy at school they used to get milk supplied as did many children in those times, but it was often sour. Much later when he had a lot of money he donated a million dollars for children to receive milk but he insisted the milk had a date to be used by. And so apparently this is how we now have used by dates on all foodstuffs, so I guess that's something positive he did in his life, but its small in comparison to all the rotten stuff he was responsible for.
What do you think?

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